Main Street Museum

Main Street Museum — The Ladd Block

The museum, in the Ladd Block, is on the corner of Main and Highland Streets. In the early 1800's it was a private dwelling, owned by a family by the name of Gilman. It later became a cotton mill and was purchased in 1839 by Seneca Ladd where he manufactured carriages. Mr. Ladd also manufactured pianos and melodeons for the next 18 years and the Society proudly displays a Ladd melodeon on the second floor of the building where it was originally made. In 1869 Mr. Ladd founded the Meredith Village Savings Bank which was housed in the building. The bank's safes remain to this day and can be seen when visiting the museum. Eventually, the U.S. Post Office was housed on the first floor and the area where Highland and Main Streets intersect was known as Post Office Square. In the early 1900's the third floor of the building was used as a first grade classroom when the nearby Lang Street Gymnasium could not be heated.

The Society acquired the Ladd Block in 1995, and we are proud that this very important Meredith building is now housing part of our historical collection.

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