Meredith Historical Society Buildings

2016 Programs

April 5 10:00 a.m.-noon Tour of Governor's Mansion in Concord
$5 donation each.
May 3 7:00 p.m. "Loons in N.H.: Doing Quite Well, Thank You!"**
.Russell G. Congalton, presenter.
May 21   Town Yard Sale
MHS Farm Museum. Also includes plant sale.
June 7 7:00 p.m. "Meredith: Then and Now"
John Edgar presents a slide show from his post card collection of familiar places in Meredith.
July 5 7:00 p.m. "Benedict Arnold: Patriot, Traitor"*
George Morrison, presenter. Co-hosted by the Meredith Public Library. The meeting will be held at the library.
Aug. 2 7:00 p.m. "New Hampshire: A State of Mind"**
Carl Lindblade gives us a humorous look at New Hampshire from the time of King George II to the present.
Aug. 27 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. MHS Bake Sale, Main St. Museum
Aug. 28 11:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. MHS Bake Sale, Main St. Museum
Sept. 6 7:00 p.m. "Poor Houses and Town Farms: The Hard Row for Paupers"*
Stephen Taylor, presenter. Co-hosted with the Meredith Public Library. The meeting will be held at the Main Street Museum.
Oct. 4 7:00 p.m. "Meredith and Center Harbor -- A Shared History"
Dan Heyduk, presenter.
Nov. 1 7:00 p.m. "Spain: A Magical Mystical Tour"**
John Chaston takes us on a whirlwind tour of Spain with pictures, music and video..
Dec. 6 12 noon Annual Luncheon at Giuseppe's
Election of Officers.

* A NH Humanities Council Program
** UNH Speakers Bureau

All programs are open to the general public.
The evening programs are free of charge.

All programs are held at the Main Street Museum unless otherwise noted.




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